Wednesday, May 10, 2017

GameOn Podcast 5.9.17

Brandon Greenhill, Grant Moss, and Sam Burton debate which running back will have the biggest impact on their new team, evaluate the NBA playoffs, and react to the release of Lonzo Ball's first signature shoe.

Monday, May 1, 2017

GameOn Podcast 5.1.17

Season 2 of the GameOn Podcast

Grant Moss and Brandon Greenhill talk about the NBA playoffs, NFL draft, and what Joe Mixon brings to Cincinnati.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why The Patriots Win On Sunday

It's no secret that the New England Patriots are the super dynasty of the NFL. It has been that way for over a decade and it looks like it will stay that way as long as coach Bill Belichick sticks around. Some people will argue that Tom Brady is the superstar of that team, but that would be incorrect. The Patriots have shown time and time again that they are fully capable of winning without
Tom Brady under center. Take this season for example. Brady was suspended for the first four games of the regular season (due to some under-inflated footballs) and the Patriots went 3-1 in his absence. Not to mention they played 2 division rivals and the Arizona Cardinals in those 4 games. Also, think back to when Brady had his ACL tear, the Patriots went 11-5 under the helm of Matt Cassel. Now, I am not trying to throw shade on Tom Brady. I believe he is the best Quarterback to ever play in the NFL. That includes Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers clearly has more natural ability and athleticism but Brady is the most efficient QB I have ever seen. Don't take my word for it, look at his Superbowl rings. He's got 4 of them and possibly 5 if they win this season. So think about what that really means, Bill Belichick is capable of winning all the time even without the greatest QB to ever live. Pretty hard to believe but it's true. There is no other team in the NFL that has been as consistently great as the Patriots in the last 15 years.

However, the Pittsburgh Steelers are no joke either. This is a team that is probably the 2nd best franchise in the past 15 years. They always seem to be deep in the playoffs and they do it different ways. When coach Mike Tomlin first took over they did it with defense. Troy Polomalu, Casey Hampton, and Ike Taylor are just some of the names that were staples in the steel curtain. Now they're all about the offense. Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell. Either way you slice it, they are consistently a 10 win team. These compliments of the Steelers should carry extra weight considering I am a lifelong, die hard, Bengals fan. However, even I cannot deny that they are a tremendous franchise. So, this Sunday we have 2 of the best run franchises going head to head and I'll breakdown why I am picking the Patriots.

When I was first picking this game I was very uneasy about my pick. Even though the Steelers are the underdog, they could very well win this game. That's how things are in the NFL (any given Sunday any team can win). I chose the Patriots because I believe they have a more talented and well rounded roster. I believe Tom Brady has a chip on his shoulder from being suspended and their defense is underrated and underappreciated. They also have the greatest coach to ever live in Bill Belichick. With all those things I still thought it would be a very close game. Like, whoever has the ball last kind of game. Then a story leaked, or a video rather, of Antonio Brown filming his team in the locker room after their win in the divisional round against the Chiefs. This is a big problem. Now all the players have to answer media questions surrounding this and it is taking their focus away from football. And  I know that these are professional athletes and things like this shouldn't be a distraction but with mainstream media anything can be a distraction. This is bad press and in the AFC Conference Championship game you don't need any bad press. That solidified my pick in the Patriots and I became more confident in my selection. However, it doesn't stop there. Friday, the Steelers announced that up to 15 players on their roster have the flu. 15 players on their roster are not at 100 percent for this game on Sunday. Now Steelers fans are going to be hoping that every one of those 15 players has a Michael Jordan flu game but I can assure you that will not happen. Having the flu and playing basketball would be extremely difficult but having the flu and playing a full contact sport is a completely different animal. It will drain every ounce of energy from their bodies and probably lead to dehydration in minutes. If the Steelers want any chance to win this game they better have Gatorade on an IV and hope it wasn't any of their playmakers that got the flu. So Patriots fans, rest assured your team will make it to yet another Superbowl. My final prediction, 34-26 Patriots.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly Sports Recap 1.20

Listen to "Weekly Recap 1.20" on Spreaker.

Grant Moss recaps the week in Cincinnati Sports

Russ Gets Snubbed Again

This has got to be the most mentally challenging year Russell Westbrook has ever endured. Start it off with Kevin Durant leaving for Golden State while constantly throwing shade towards Russ, and now he is snubbed out of the starting All Star lineup. Lets break this down from the beginning.

Kevin Durant and the Thunder lost in the 2016 NBA Conference Championship after being ahead 3 games to 1. After losing to the Golden State Warriors, Durant publicly states 'We will get them next year'. The Warriors go on to the NBA Finals where ultimately they lose to LeBron and his Cavaliers (in an epic 3-1 comeback). Now in the offseason, chatter arises that Durant might be taking his talents elsewhere; such as Golden State, New York, or even Los Angeles. Russ meanwhile, was left in the dark and had to find out that his "best friend" and teammate decided to pack up and go to Golden State through a text message. That's right, Golden State. The team that beat them in the NBA Conference Championship, the team that KD claimed they would beat next season, and the team loaded with so many superstars they could have their own NBA All Star lineup. After Durant departed, he left Russ to deal with the media uproar and Russ was left just as stunned as all of us were. To make things worse, Durant goes on to say how he could never win with Russ because all they did was play 'hero ball' and fight over who would take the last shot. Needless to say, Russ has some built up aggression from all of this over the last 6 months. Now lets flash forward to this season.

Russell Westbrook is now the obvious MVP front runner. He is averaging a triple double and is carrying the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant is having a tremendous season as well with the Warriors but with all the usage that Russ is getting it would be hard for anyone to be ahead of him in the MVP race. James Harden however, is pretty close. Ever since Mike D'Antoni took over, he has transitioned Harden from SG to PG and made a spectacular Point Guard out of James Harden and it's showing on the court. With that being said, there is still no player in the NBA having a better season than Russell Westbrook. Now, last night TNT released the All Star lineups for the East and the West and guess who is missing from the starting lineup. That's right, Russell Westbrook. He didn't make the cut due to Steph Curry and James Harden (both are tremendous players, but neither is having the type of season Russ is). This type of neglect from the fans is simply outrageous. The NBA All Star vote has been divided up this season with 50% of the vote going to the fans, 25% going to the media, and 25% going to the players. Russ ranked number 1 in media vote, and player vote but got 3rd place in fan vote behind Steph and Harden. Now essentially this means there was a three way tie for the 2 starting positions in the All Star game, but in the rules it states that tie breakers go to the fan vote leaving Russ out of the lineup. The fans have already proven that hey are incredibly irresponsible at selecting All Stars and this further proves that point. If this All Star vote was left 100% to the fans then we would be seeing Zaza Pechulia in the All Star game. That's who the fans selected. Unbelievable in every possible way. The only good that can come from this is that now Russ will be even more determined to annihilate all of his competition. The man already has the passion that burns with the power of a thousand suns and that has just been increased ten fold. So, from a truly reluctant fan of his play, I want to say I'm sorry Russell Westbrook. The fans have let you down to highest degree.

Here is a model to help you understand the All Star voting breakdown

Backcourt: Top 10
1Stephen Curry, GS*1332.0
2James Harden, HOU*2222.0
3Russell Westbrook, OKC3112.0
4Klay Thompson, GS4845.0
5Chris Paul, LAC5645.0
6Damian Lillard, POR8466.5
7Eric Gordon, HOU71568.75
8CJ McCollum, POR165610.75
9Andre Iguodala, GS922611.5
10Manu Ginobili, SA1020611.5
* All-Star starter (Curry, Harden win fan-vote tiebreaker)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Should Kubiak Have Kicked?

Last Sunday was an exciting day in the NFL. Sunday night wrapped up with a thrilling competition between AFC west rivals, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. It was a defensive battle for the most part with Von Miller and Justin Houston leading the charge for their respective teams. The Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill found himself in the history books next to Gale Sayers for his three touchdowns scored three different ways; one free kick return, one rushing, and a receiving touchdown with :12 left in regulation to set up the game tying 2-point conversion, and send the game to overtime. 

After a full four quarters of intense scheming from Andy Reid and Gary Kubiak, overtime just had more in store. Both teams converted field goals in their first possessions of overtime. So tied at 27 with 1:08 left in OT and the Broncos facing a 4th and 10 from the Kansas City 44 yard line, Coach Kubiak had a big decision to make. Let’s take a look at the options.

If Kubiak decides to punt the ball away, Denver concedes to a tie because there won’t be enough time to get the ball back. However, it does put the pressure on Kansas City to drive the length of the field with less than a minute (which they already did once). Despite being exhausted, the solid Denver defense probably could have held the Chiefs to secure yet another tie in the NFL this season.

Brandon McManus (8)
Field Goal
If you’re going to try a 62 yard field goal, Mile High Stadium is the place to do it. The venue has already seen Jason Elam hit a 63 yard attempt, and Matt Prater knock through a 64 yard field goal. Both being the two longest field goals in NFL history (Elam tied with Tom Dempsey). On the flip side, Brandon McManus’s career long is just 57 yards. A triumphant kick through the uprights makes Kubiac a genius and McManus a hero. A miss gives that tired Denver D a steep up hill battle to keep the Chiefs out of field goal range. But the choice shows faith in the kicker, defense, and gives the Broncos a chance to win the game.

Go For It
If I was wearing the headset, this would be my call. 4th and 10 from Kansas City's 44 yard line. A New York Times article from 2014 ran an analysis that suggested a punt would be appropriate. The analysis also suggested to go for it from the same point on the field if the first down marker was only seven yards away. Given the situation of the game, I would take my chances on the three extra yards. 

If the offense can convert it allows the drive to continue, runs more time off the clock, and gives McManus an easier shot at a game winner. The Chiefs already had a successful 4th and 10 play on their final drive in regulation. So we know it is possible. Not to mention that a failed attempt gives Kansas City the ball back at the original line of scrimmage, Kansas City's 44, rather than the spot of the kick, Denver's 48. So why not see what the offense can do?

Gary Kubiak ultimately decided to send his kicker out to try what would have been the longest game winning field goal in NFL history. McManus had the distance, but hooked it way left. It only took two completions and a penalty against the Broncos defense to set up the Chiefs kicker, Cairo Santos, for a 34-yard field goal that ricocheted off the left upright and just snuck in behind the right upright to win the game 30-27. Coach Kubiak might be kicking himself all week, but from a fan standpoint you couldn’t have asked for a more exciting finish. What a nail biter!  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Don't Pull Back Dak

Who would have guessed that the most talked about quarterback in the rookie class would be the one chosen in the fourth round. Dak Prescott has proven to everyone that he has the ability to be a star in the NFL and it didn’t take long. Currently putting up some of the best numbers ever seen by a rookie while also leading the Dallas Cowboys to an 8-1 start, Dak is outshining the #1 and #2 picks of the draft, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. The Dallas Cowboys have built a great all-around team which allowed Dak along with fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot to adjust to the NFL system rather seamlessly. Nine games into his career, Dak has thrown for 2339 yards, thrown 14 Touchdowns with only 2 interceptions, and rushed for 125 yards with four touchdowns. These numbers are quietly putting Dak Prescott into the MVP discussion. No one saw this coming, not even the Dallas Cowboys which brings up the question; What do we do from here? Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have been waiting a long time for a quarterback that can bring them to the promise land. However, long time QB Tony Romo is now healthy and believes he can still lead this team to a title. After an 8-1 start, I believe that the answer is simple. Do not bench Dak Prescott. Tony Romo has age and past injuries bearing down on him. He may still have the talent to play in the NFL, but it is obvious that Dak is the future of the team. However, Jerry Jones has been very hesitant in fully handing over the reigns to Dak. Jerry has always been a Tony Romo supporter and still believes that he has the capability to play at a high level and win a Super Bowl. That all being said, Tony announced during a press conference that Dak has earned the right to call the Cowboys his team. This classy move from a savvy veteran may allow Dak to play with even more confidence. We all know that Tony Romo still wants to be out on the field, but it was a smart move to make a public comment in support of Dak and his team. Barring any injury, Tony Romo may have played his last game as a Cowboy and for good reason. Dak could easily be in discussion for the MVP at the end of the year and lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl ring. We’ll see how it all plays out over the next couple of weeks.