Saturday, November 19, 2016

Don't Pull Back Dak

Who would have guessed that the most talked about quarterback in the rookie class would be the one chosen in the fourth round. Dak Prescott has proven to everyone that he has the ability to be a star in the NFL and it didn’t take long. Currently putting up some of the best numbers ever seen by a rookie while also leading the Dallas Cowboys to an 8-1 start, Dak is outshining the #1 and #2 picks of the draft, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. The Dallas Cowboys have built a great all-around team which allowed Dak along with fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot to adjust to the NFL system rather seamlessly. Nine games into his career, Dak has thrown for 2339 yards, thrown 14 Touchdowns with only 2 interceptions, and rushed for 125 yards with four touchdowns. These numbers are quietly putting Dak Prescott into the MVP discussion. No one saw this coming, not even the Dallas Cowboys which brings up the question; What do we do from here? Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have been waiting a long time for a quarterback that can bring them to the promise land. However, long time QB Tony Romo is now healthy and believes he can still lead this team to a title. After an 8-1 start, I believe that the answer is simple. Do not bench Dak Prescott. Tony Romo has age and past injuries bearing down on him. He may still have the talent to play in the NFL, but it is obvious that Dak is the future of the team. However, Jerry Jones has been very hesitant in fully handing over the reigns to Dak. Jerry has always been a Tony Romo supporter and still believes that he has the capability to play at a high level and win a Super Bowl. That all being said, Tony announced during a press conference that Dak has earned the right to call the Cowboys his team. This classy move from a savvy veteran may allow Dak to play with even more confidence. We all know that Tony Romo still wants to be out on the field, but it was a smart move to make a public comment in support of Dak and his team. Barring any injury, Tony Romo may have played his last game as a Cowboy and for good reason. Dak could easily be in discussion for the MVP at the end of the year and lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl ring. We’ll see how it all plays out over the next couple of weeks.

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